Book 3 available in Swahili!
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What is the Foundation Curriculum?
We have included several supplemental resources to assist you in guiding children's spiritual growth. Be sure to utilize the appendix, questions and answers, and scripture references as you need them.
Check our website regularly as we add new things, such as fun games, fresh activities and parent resources that guide you to raise your children in the image of God, in love!
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Vision/ Mission/ Belief


To show Father's children his love and teach his children how to pray!


Provide in excellence unto Father and his Glory-Products, Materials, Activities and Resources to fulfill the Vision; To give understanding and revelation of Father's love, Jesus, Holy Spirit, our identity, authority and power in Christ Jesus.

What We Believe

  • We believe in the trinity of ONE God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.I John 5:7 &; Deuteronomy 6:4; John 14:10-11; John 15:26
  • We believe Jesus is the Son of God. I John 4:9; John 4:16
  • We believe Jesus is the only way to God the Father. John 14:6
  • We believe the Holy Spirit of God was sent to earth on the day of Pentecost. Acts 2:1-4
  • We believe the Holy Bible is the inspired written Word of God that transcends every culture and universally shows those who believe, the love of God as Father and Creator, their purpose, identity, authority and power on earth in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 3:16-17
  • We believe man [and woman] was made in the image and likeness of God. Genesis 1:26-27
  • We believe the only true foundation is Jesus Christ, therefore we created The Foundation Curriculum for children to hear and get understanding of Father's love for them, their identity, authority and power in Jesus Christ. I Corinthians 3:11
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Book 1Creation
Book 1 Creation : ResourcesDownload Full Packet
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Book 2Fall of Man
Book 2 Fall of Man : ResourcesDownload Full Packet
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Book 3Jesus
Book 3 available in Swahili!
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Book 3 Jesus : ResourcesDownload Full Packet
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Book 4Forgive
Book 4 Forgive : ResourcesDownload Full Packet
Book 5Your Power in Jesus
Book 5 Your Power in Jesus : ResourcesDownload Full Packet
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Book 6The Kingdom of God
Book 6 The Kingdom of God : ResourcesDownload Full Packet
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  1. The Story Book Lessons should be taught in sequence (from 1- 6) beginning with book 1, "Creation," followed by book 2, "The Fall of Man," and so forth. Each lesson builds on the one before it.
  2. It is important that each interactive story is read a minimum of three to six times during the time frame that you have determined to cover the "Objectives to be Understood" (see Child Progress Record).
  3. Pre-select the Follow-Up Activities for the Story Book Lesson you plan to teach, and organize your materials ahead of time.

  1. You are ready to begin by reading aloud the first interactive Story Book Lesson to the child/ren showing the pictures and listening to answers.
  2. After reading, guide the child/ren to complete your pre-selected Follow up Activity.
  3. Assess the understanding of each child based on:
    1. The content of their answers to the questions in the story
    2. The Follow up Activities.

Document the child's progress on their Student Progress Record.

  1. Throughout the week/s that you choose to remain on the same story, reread, discuss, and encourage the child to retell the story (at least three to six times for the purpose of sowing God's love into the child's heart).
  2. If curriculum is taught in a setting away from home (i.e. a school or church): Download and send home a copy of the "Text Only" Story Book Lesson, Parent Letter and Follow-Up Activities for parents to reinforce the teaching with their child at home. Discuss progress with parents and update the Student Progress Record.
  3. When you determine that the child/ren understands all of the foundational objectives for the lesson you are teaching, begin the next Story Book Lesson.
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Book Resources
Book 1 Creation : ResourcesDownload Full Packet
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Scriptures/ Q&A
Scripture References: Download Scriptures Packet
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